Trike Balance Bikes

Wooden Trike balance Bikes - trikes and tricycle for kids

A tricycle is a great first bike for younger kids. The three wheeler trikes are stable and easy to ride. But kids can quickly outgrow a 3 wheeler, and need to move on to something more challenging. That's why we've picked out the Wishbone Wooden Trike as one of the best kid's tricycles around. Not only is a 3 wheeler trike, but it can be concerted into a wonderful 2 wheeler balance bike. The best of all worlds!

Trike Balance Bikes

Wooden Trike Balance Bikes

Wooden toys are probably some of the most popular around these days. Both kids and parents love the natural hardy material, and the traditional designs. These toys are tough and fun! And wooden bikes are no different. Kids love the chunky feel of the wood, and parents know the bike will last and last, and feel comfortable they have spent money on a traditional toy that isn't made of cheap plastic.

3 bikes in 1 - Wooden Trike Balance Bikes by Wishbone

Wishbone have been really clever in designing their trikes. They know younger kids love to ride a 3 wheeler trike.

Trike 3 wheel bike for kids

But they also know that kids want to be challenged. So their trikes can be changed, in a few easy steps:

  • from 3 wheel trike
  • to 2 wheel balance bike (with a very low seat and very easy to ride)
  • Turn the frame over and it becomes a 2 wheel balance bike with higher seat (perfect for older or bigger kids)
wooden balance bike

All in all, this bike can last a child years. The trike is aimed at kids as young as 1 years, and in the balance bike form, the Wishbone trike for example, can be ridden by kids up to 5 years old (perhaps older, depending on their size) making it a great little 3 wheel bike that will give them years of fun.