Swing Cars and DidiCars

Didicars and Swing Cars for Kids - Ride-on toys with a difference

Swing Cars (sometimes known as Didicars) are amazing little toys and perfect for kids who perhaps aren't quite yet ready for a bike or balance bike, or indeed enjoy spinning around on a ride-on toy with a difference. Swing cars are made to sit on and go! The fantastic little ride-on toys come without pedals. Instead they are operated by the steering wheel. Just turn it gently one way, then the other, and away you go with the Swing Car (Didicar) moving gently forward. It doesn't take any strength, and there's no need for batteries or a motor - or even pedals!

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Didicars and Swing Cars - 100% kid powered

Didicars or Swing Cars (sometimes known as Plasma Cars or Gyro Cars) are a great alternative to bikes or the typical ride-on toys available for kids. The Swing Cars are unique as they don't have pedals - a bit like Balance Bikes. But unlike a balance bike, the rider sits low to the ground, making it a more comfortable ride. This low riding position is also beneficial for any younger children who don't yet have the confidence to hop on a bike or balance bike.

Swing Cars are 100% kid powered. Just wiggle away with the steering wheel and off they go. Plus there are no oily chains or mucky pedals as with traditional pedal bikes. Swing Cars can provide some great exercise for kids too - not just the arms, but legs and all!

The Swing Cars come in a range of colours, including yellow, red, blue, purple and pink. The Swing Cars look really stylish, with some very sleek design Ferrari would be proud of!

Swing Cars

But these little ride-on toys are tough too. They are well made and so solid and strong they can hold a rider up to 120 kg (that's 18 stone plus!). Swing cars are about 80cm in length and weigh just under 4kg. Swing Cars are aimed at children aged around 2 years upwards. See above for all the best deals on Swing Cars and Didicars.

Swing Cars and Didicars

More About Swing Cars

Swing cars or didicars as they are also called are the latest thing and the must have item this year. The swing car runs without batteries, you don’t need pedals or a motor, it moves by just wiggling the wheel. This is possible because of a clever system using gravity and friction. Every kid will love these wonderful swing cars but best of all, they carry weights of up to 120kg, so there is the opportunity for the parents to ride along. The recommended age for riding a swing car is for children from 2 to 10. However, there are rumours that some adults have enjoyed the odd ride on once the children had gone to bed.

All you need to ride your swing car or didicar is a smooth, flat surface, so you can ride it inside on tiles, wooden floors or linoleum or outside on concrete, tarmac or other flat areas. It couldn't be easier to use. At first, you just slowly move the wheel to one side, once you start moving, turn it in the other direction, and so on. Continue this and you will roll along ever so easily. Be careful not to turn the wheel too quickly as this might not work as well.

A swing car is a great present for any little boy or little girl. It exercises the arms and the legs; it is quiet and doesn't need any batteries or power, other than the unlimited energy of children. Swing cars improve your child's coordination. They are made from environmentally friendly, durable material and will entertain your children (and you) for years to come. We have found you a great selection of swing cars and didicars available in UK in all funky colours like purple, blue, pink, red and many others. Check out our choice and buy this wonderful new toy today and be part of the newest and latest craze and have endless hours of fun inside and out.