Steel balance Bikes

Balance bikes for kids, made from steel

Lightweight, tough, long lasting and super funky colours - what more could you want from a balance bike! Steel balance bikes come in all shapes, styles and colours - from slick silver steel or bright pinks and reds by Puky. But don't be fooled by the funky looks - these are serious little bikes, made to withstand the toughest treatment any child can give them. Below we have included models and prices from all the main UK stockists of steel (steel alloy) balance bikes. Our prices are checked constantly to make sure you can find the best deals around.

Best Deals on Steel Balance Bikes

Featured Steel Balance Bikes: Puky

These Puky steel balance bikes make a perfect first bike. Balance bikes (sometimes called trainer bikes, runner bikes or walker bikes) are very easy for kids to learn to ride. They simply sit and push themselves along with their feet. Before you know it, they are learning all about balance and control, feeling very independent and building confidence. And of course, burning off some of that energy! The Puky steel bikes are very tough yet light. And they come in a range of sizes, so with the small size, for example, even the smallest youngster will be able to reach the ground.

Steel Balance Bike

Other top brand names offering steel balance bikes include Hudora, Kettler, KaZam and Strider. See above for all the best deals on steel balance bikes, or see the full range of Puky balance bike here.