Sesame Street Balance Bikes

Sadly the range of Sesame Street character bikes from TeachMe is no longer available in UK. We have searched through all the major online bike retailers in UK and can no longer find any of the Sesame Street bikes, or indeed the TeachMe balance bike range. It is possible we have overlooked some smaller sites, plus you may find one or two come up on eBay of course. alternatively, we have included a wide choice of wooden balance bikes below, which we hope you will find useful, or see more balance bike brands such as Branching Out and Hudora, using our links on the right.

More Wooden Balance Bikes available in UK:

Sesame Street Balance Bikes

All kids love Sesame Street, so those clever people at TeachMe bikes have introduced their range of balance bikes complete with Sesame Street's favourite characters, including Bert, Ernie, the Cookie Monster, Grover and Oscar.

The Sesame Street character bikes by TeachMe are aimed at kids around 3 to 5 years. They are well made, and sturdy yet light, since they are constructed from birch.

Sesame Street Balance Bike

These bikes have real air tyres and a carrying grip (mostly for use by adults when the rider gets tired). The saddle is height adjustable, and has 3 seat heights: 38cm, 41cm and 44cm. Kids should be able to easily reach the ground with their feet (so they can balance and push themselves along). So having an adjustable seat is very useful.