Motorbike Balance Bikes

Motorbike Style Balance Bikes for kids - great learner bikes with style

These amazing motorbike style balance bikes are so popular these days. Kids (and er, well, dads too) love these super cool motorbikes and Vespa style scooters.

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Motorbike learner bikes for kids

But these bikes aren't just about the style. These motorbike balance bikes are just the same as any other learner or walker bikes (also known as runner bikes). They allow the child to learn all about balance and control, and riding one of these gives them confidence and independence.

Riding a balance bike will also give a child a head start when it comes to learning how to ride a pedal bike. These bikes are made of natural birch wood, by Kiddimoto in England. They come in a range of styles, including a "Scrambler" bike and also a "Superbike", and also colours, including natural wood, red, blue, black, yellow, and pink!

Motorbike Balance Bikes