Mini Micro Scooters

Mini Micro Scooters for younger kids, with T-Bar for extra stability

These Mini Micro Scooters are another great little invention to help kids enjoy the freedom of wheeling along, but without any problems with balancing. A Mini Micro Scooter is especially good for a youngster who may still be a bit too small for a balance bike. So long as they feel confident enough to stand and roll along on the wheels, they will be very happy with a Mini Micro Scooter.

Best Deals on Mini Micro Scooters

The Mini Micro Scooters are sometimes called a Bobbi Board. They are incredibly easy to use, and just like a balance bike, kids don't need to take a long time to learn how to ride them. The Mini Micro Scooters have been designed by the Micro Scooter company with the help of medical experts. These wonderful little kids' scooters are both lightweight and super sturdy. Riding one is more like surfing than scootering! A Mini Micro Scooter is best for kids aged 3 years plus, although some younger children are able to ride and enjoy them. The scooters are around 20kg, and measure 54cm long, 22 cm wide, and 66.5cm high (top of steering bar). They are available in blue or pink - the perfect colour range for boys or girls!

The scooters have two wheels at the front and one at the back. This makes it very stable on the ground, and the rider will feel steady and not shaky at all. The T-bar steering column allows children to use their body weight and balance to steer effortlessly. The scooter also has a flexible plastic base. This, combined with the T-bar and 3 wheels makes the scooter flexible enough to withstand bumps and turns, again making it feel very safe to ride. It's a smooth and graceful ride, giving kids the confidence to make rapid progress. The Mimi Micro Scooter is ideal for developing children's balance and co-ordination. If you don't feel your child is quite ready for a balance bike, then consider a Mini Micro Scooter. See above for all the best deals on Mini Micro Scooters in UK.