Kids Trikes and Tricycles

3 wheel trikes and push along tricycles for kids

If you don't feel your child is quite ready for a balance bike, then consider one of the many trikes and 3 wheel tricycles around. Kids feel very safe riding along on these. The 3 wheels makes sure the trike feels sturdy and well balanced. There are also some trikes with special handles for parents to push the kids along.

Best Deals on Kids Trikes and Tricycles

There are quite a few different trikes available these days, from traditional wooden trikes, to retro style steel trikes. We've also included some 3 and 4 wheel scooters in this section, as they make a great alternative to the traditional tricycles. There are also some great "push along" trikes, with a handle attached for a grown up to push the child along. These make the childe feel especially secure, plus it can often take the away the need for any serious pedalling! See above for the best deals on Trikes and Tricycles for kids.