Hudora Balance Bikes

Balance bikes, first bikes and learner bikes for Boys and Girls, by Hudora

Hudora make strong steel balance bikes and wooden balance bikes. There's a great choice available, including the popular Hudora Cruiser balance bike, which has a unique shaped frame, enabling the rider to rest his or her feet while speeding along - a bit like a scooter. It's very comfortable to glide or cruise along, as the bike's name suggests.

Best Deals on Hudora Balance Bikes

Hudora Balance Bikes

Hudora offer various models, including their extremely popular balance bikes made from high grade steel. These Hudora balance bikes feature a rear brake, pneumatic tyres, adjustable seat height and handle bars, padded seat and mudguard. They are very competetively priced, and built to withstand any rough treatment they might encounter. Which makes them a very attractive balance bike for the parents as well as the little rider.

Hudora Balance Bike Hudora Balance Bikes

Hudora bikes are often found under other brand names. Various big retailers, for example, have Hudora make balance bikes for them, which they then promote under a different name. Or perhaps you will come across a balance bike with a favourite kids TV character that looks remarkably similar to the Hudora bikes. The Hudora steel balance bikes come in a range of colours, including pink and blue - "his and hers" colours! See above for our top choice and all the best deals on Hudora Balance Bikes.