How to Ride a Balance Bike

Balance Bikes - easy to Ride, quick to learn!

Riding a balance bike couldn't be easier. In our experience children take to it really easily and quickly and enjoy every minute of it. However, to help them when starting out, it's advisable to follow a few of the tips below.

A reasonably large and open, fairly flat area would be ideal - gardens, parks and playgrounds are perfect. If you are practising on tarmac you might want to consider dressing your child into some protective gear like knee or elbow pads, to put your mind at rest, although balance bikes are very safe, especially once your child has got the hang of it. Practicing on grass at first might be an idea but it is harder to get a move on.

The saddle on the balance bike has to be very low. Your child needs to be able to have both feet flat on the ground with slightly bent knees when sitting on the saddle. Once the child is sitting in the saddle comfortably, all they need to do is start walking while staying sat on the bike. Don't worry if it looks a bit shaky at first, they will get the hang of it eventually. Ask your little rider to go up and down a fairly straight line. Just go slowly at first, they will soon feel confident to go faster and lift their feet up from the ground for longer.

When the feet lift off the ground, the child has to start balancing. This happens quite naturally, since it's the only thing they have to concentrate on. They don't have to focus on the pedals and pedalling. You will probably see them first carefully lift one foot off the ground, then alernate with the other foot, slowly but surely, until in no time at all they are scooting along.

Most children manage the basics within a few minutes. Once they are confident, try to go around some corners. Finally, when your child is ready, let them pick up some speed (either running or going down a slight hill) they will lift up both feet and balance perfectly on their bikes. Great fun!

Stopping couldn't be easier. With some balance bikes children will just drag their feet along the ground to come to a stop. Tough, old shoes are the best worn when balance biking! There are some balance bikes that come with brakes, but they aren't a ncessary feature when choosing a bike. They are an extra thing for the child to learn, which may over complicate the learning process (although dragging feet will still work, of course.) But a balance bike that has brakes would offer the chance to introduce them and learn how to use them for when the child moves up to a pedal bike.

Finally, practice makes perfect. The more your child rides the bike, the better and more confident they will get. Soon they will be speeding everywhere, having tremendous fun, but keeping fit and learning valuable balance skills as well.

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Balance bikes are a wonderful way for kids to learn to ride, have fun, keep active and develop their motor skils and balance. There are some wonderful balance bikes available, in steel or wood, from a range of brands and manufacturers. We have developed this site to bring you the very best in balance bikes, to help you find the right bike, at the right price. See our links on the right for all the different sections and types of balance bikes available.