FirstBike Balance Bikes

Balance bikes and learner bikes for Boys and Girls, by First Bike

The FirstBike balance bikes are designed and made in Germany, from lightweight but strong materials with high quality components. These FirstBike balance bikes are built for fun, but also built to last.

FirstBike balance Bikes available in UK:

Popular FirstBike Cross Balance Bikes

There are 2 main models in the First Bike balance Bike range - either with or without brakes. Brakes aren't completely necessary on a balance bike, as kids are just as happy to slow themselves down using their feet. But brakes can be useful (if nothing else, then at least saving on shoes!) and teach the child how to use brakes for the future, when they progress to a pedal bike.

FirstBike Balance Bike - first bike

Designed and made in Germany, the FirstBike balance bikes are made from lightweight and durable materials with high quality components. The FirstBikes are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The FirstBike Cross balance bikes feature a silver coloured frame and forks with coloured grips and saddle, stylish 5-spoke wheels and knobbly tyres. "Safety Stop" child-friendly rear drum brake is optional, but is recommended for older or advanced riders.