Balance Bikes for Kids

All the popular balance bikes available to buy in UK

Below is a list of all the popular and quality balance bikes available from trusted retailers in UK.

The list is regularly reviewed, and the prices constantly updated, so that you can easily find the best deals and prices for your balance bike

Below is a huge choice of the most popular balance bikes in UK - all the best brands, at all the best prices:

Find the Right Balance Bike at the Right Price

Look through the full range of Children's Balance Bikes above. We're sure you will find the right balance bike for your special little girl or boy - and at the right price too! Or see our most popular section on the right for some ideas, including the ever popular Wooden Balance Bikes, Sesame Street Character balance bikes, and Puky Balance Bikes. Balance bikes are equally good for both boys and girls, but we have found some great bikes specially for girls, including pink balance bikes - simply the most important colour for a little girl!

Our Balance Bike Price Check

Find the best deals and cheap prices for all the popular children's balance bikes in the UK. Our web site is updated constantly to bring you the best prices available for balance bikes (runner bikes or walker bikes as they are sometimes known). With our price checker, there's no need to go racing around all the different web sites. Everything you need when buying a balance bike is here - compare prices, find reviews, see videos, check the specification - everything! We have included the best balance bikes around, from all the major, trusted Balance Bike stockists in UK.

Find the Right Balance Bike

Below are a few ideas of things to look for and things to start you off when finding and buying the right balance bike:

Balance Bike Ideas - How to Choose

If you're not sure which balance bike to choose, then here are some ideas:

- Balance Bike by Brand:

Choose from one of the most popular brands, such as Puky, Kiddmoto, TeachMe and LikeABike. These companies are famous for their quality, innovative designs, and colourful looks that appeal to all kids.

- Balance Bikes by Colour:

Balance bikes come in a big range of colours to suit all tastes. In particular, the LikeAbike steel looks and the Kiddimoto "motorbike" bikes come in styles and colours that will appeal to more to boys - after all these are "mini" motorbike balance bikes.

For little girls, pink is THE colour to have. See our pink balance bikes in our selection of popular balance bikes for girls.

- Balance Bikes by Style:

Probably the most popular type of balance bike is the wooden balance bike - tough, fun and all natural materials. Kids and grown ups love them. For something a little tougher, see the range of steel balance bikes. Or for something really different, see the Trike Balance bikes, and the motorbike balance bikes.

Balance bikes make the perfect gift for any child, boy or girl, aged around 2 years to 6 years old. Get them out and about, burning up that energy - they will love it! Get them a balance bike.