Bike Star Balance Bikes

Balance bikes, first bikes and learner bikes for Boys and Girls, by Bike Star

Bike star have been a massive hit since they arrived onto the UK market. We would go as far as to say these bikes offer the best quality and value in steel balance bikes today.

The Bike Star balance bikes are incredibly well made, in Germany, from top quality materials, and at a great price! What more could you want? Well, how about an ergonomically designed frame, and adjustable seat height from 35cm to 42cm. This makes the Bike Star balance bikes great for younger children, but allows bike to grow with them. Bike Star bikes come in all sorts of fancy colours, some with a sporty metallic finish. Below we have picked out the best choice and cheapest deals on Bike Star balance bikes available in UK.

Best Deals on Bike Star Balance Bikes

About Bike Star Balance Bikes

Bike Star balance bikes are made from tough, lightweight steel. They come in a range of funky colours, including pink, purple and green, all of which have a slight metallic sheen to them, making these bikes really stand out. There are two main styles of Bike Star balance bikes. One has a low platform, a little like a scooter, similar to the Puky balance bikes, where the rider can rest his or her feet while scooting along. The other Bike Star style has a frame perfectly shaped for the rider's comfort - ergonomic is the description usually used - which allows the rider to move his or her legs freely when riding. All Bike Star balance bikes come with an adjustable saddle. See above for the best deals on Bike Star balance bikes.