Best Balance Bikes

Not sure which balance bike to buy?

We know there's a lot to choose from when it comes to balance bikes, so you probably have a lot of questions in your mind - wooden or steel? which brand? what style? So we thought we would try to make things easier for you and make a couple of suggestions, based on our experience, and the feedback we've had from this web site. These are just some suggestions, pointers and guidance, and by no means strict rules.

Best Balance Bike for younger children

Puky Balance Bikes

Balance bikes are aimed generally at children between 2 and 6 years, and in fact some children as young as 18 months can ride a balance bike. But it has to be said that many of them can prove to be a little too big for the younger kids and smaller kids in that age range. That's why we've picked out these wonderful Puky balance bikes as one of our best buys.

The Puky range offers balance bikes in different sizes. Always check the measurements, especially the seat height. This is of course adjustable, but it will need to be low enough for your child to be able to touch the ground (with shoes on usually).

There are 2 main reasons why these Puky bikes are great for younger (or simply smaller) children.

  1. On the smallest model, the saddle can be lowered to a height of just 29cm
  2. The clever shape of some of the Puky bikes make them a little like a scooter. This means smaller kids can feel more comfortable and safe as they are able to rest 1 leg (or even both sometimes) on the bike frame

Best Balance Bike for children aged 3 plus

Bike Star and Hudora Balance Bikes

If you are buying a balance bike for a larger or older child (around 3 years plus), there's a lot more choice. We have carefully selected the bikes included throughout this web site, and we're sure you will be happy with any of the great brands - Puky, Bike Star, Kettler, KaZam, Hudora, Specialized or Strider.

Of all these brands, the Hudora balance bikes are very popular, but we should also mention Bike Star balance bikes, which are fairly new to the UK market, and have gone down a storm! See the Bike Star balance bikes here. These are made in Germany to very high standards. The seat height is adjustable, and can go quite low (35cm) up to 42cm.

As mentioned above, we also like the Hudora steel balance bikes. These are very straightforward, well priced, and well made bikes. In fact they offer great value for money. Some Hudora balance bikes feature a rear brake, and most models have pneumatic tyres, adjustable seat height and handle bars, padded seat and mudguard. Importantly, these bikes are made of steel, so are very lightweight. This is something that benefits the rider, as kids often find a light bike easier to ride. But it also benefits whoever accompanies the rider, as they can often find themselves carrying the bike home along with a tired little rider! According to the manufacturers, the saddle height is adjustable from 41cm to 47cm. This is fairly high, so be aware that these bikes are intended for the older balance bike rider (at the grand old age of around 4 years old!). The Hudora steel bikes are available in blue or pink, from the retailers shown below.

For more unusual designs in balance bikes, also see the Kidimotto and Early Rider balance bike ranges. See our links on the right for all the best and popular brands of balance bikes, or see our choice of this week's best deals below.

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