Benefits of Balance Bikes

Why a Balance Bike is great for your child

There are so many advantages to balance bikes.

Start them Young

Kids can start riding balance bikes from a very young age. Many balance bikes are aimed at children from around 2 years old plus, and perhaps as young as 18 months in some cases. But always be sure the seat will be low enough for a youngster to be able to reach the ground with their feet. This not only gives them their confidence, but also the need to reach the ground to be able to power the bike along.


Children can always keep their feet can in contact with the floor, so they needn't be scared of falling. This gives them great confidence and makes the balance bike so easy for them to use. See the full range of Balance Bikes using our links on the right


Balance bikes give children independence as they are able to just drive around without the aid of bothersome stabilizers, feeling awkward, and unsteady. They can be surprisingly fast with them and balance bikes are great for a quick dash to the shops and for the nursery run, for example. Much faster than dragging your children behind or carrying them. And so much more fun, too.


Stopping a balance bike couldn't be easier. The children naturally drag their feet to slow themselves down and come to a quick and easy stop. Every child feels in control. The saddle on a balance bike is set in a very low position, so the rider can reach the floor easily with his or her feet, almost in a crouching position. So even if a child were to fall off a balance bike, it's not a scary long way down.


Just the same as using any other bike, riding a balance bike will give your child a great little work out, and a chance to burn off some of that extra energy!

Developing Natural Balance

We all know how children are. If their friend has a balance bike, then they want one too. But at least Balance bikes have plenty of other advantages. They are great to get around with, and the experience of riding a balance bike will help make the transition to a real bike very quick and easy. Many children won’t even need stabilizers, since they have already developed their balance naturally on the balance bike.

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