Balance Bikes for Girls

Balance Bikes designes specially for girls

Balance bikes are of course for both little boys and little girls alike. Unlike adult bikes, there is no difference in frame shape for boys' or girls' balance bikes. All are equally comfortable for the rider. However, there are some balance bike models and designs that are clearly aimed at little girls. The looks of these bikes, and particularly the colours - pink, red, orange - will certainly appeal more to girls. We have picked them out to make choosing the right balance bike for your litle girl easier.

Best Deals on Balance Bikes for Girls

Balance bikes are perfectly designed for any youngster, boy or girl, aged from about 2 years to 6 years. Nearly all kids can learn to ride a balance bike very quickly and easily, and enjoy it to the full within no time at all. Balance bikes are often called learner bikes, walker bikes, or runner bikes.

Puky Balance Bike for girls

Now available in new colours, including pink! this great little balance bike from Puky will be a real hit with any little girl! This is everything you need from a learner bike - well made, adjustable seat height, with soft padding for comfort, as well as pneumatic tyres. Perfect in pink! Recommended for kids aged 2 years plus.

Balance Bike for Girls

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