Balance Bike Videos

Some video examples of kids enjoying their balance bikes

If you haven't seen a balance bike in action already, we've selected a few video clips to give you a taste of just how much fund kids can have on their balance bikes.

A balance bike can give a younger child great confidence. As you can see, they feel safe and in control when riding the bike. And all the while they are exercising and learning important balance skills.

The kids in the video clip below are riding steel framed balance bikes. See the full range of steel balance bikes here...

Balance bikes can be used by kids as young as 2 years old and possibly younger. Here's a quick video clip of a youngster, just 27 months old, making the most of his Strider balance bike. You can see how well riding the bike can develop his balance and posture. Nice to see safety first, with a good cycle helmet. Great fun and exercise combined! And watch him steer!

All kids love their balance bikes. They can feel independent and confident riding them, as well as having fun and exercise.

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