Balance Bike Stockists in UK

There are plenty of toy shops and bike shops online these days. Below we have listed all of those shops who stock balance bikes, runner bikes and walker bikes.

Balance Bike Stockists - Where to Buy a Balance Bike in UK

Amazon stock a great choice, probably the best overall balance bike choice in UK. Their range includes the wonderful Puky balance bikes, Bike Star, KaZam and Kiddimoto balance bikes - the wooden bikes made to look like a motorbike.

Halfords offer a good choice of steel balance bikes, especially the Hudora range, which you may see branded as Cruiser or Steel Cruiser. There's also a wooden Hudora balance bike model.

Evans Cycles are serious cycle retailers, so as you would expect, stock the very best names. So their balance bike range includes Specialized balance bikes.

The Kids Window off the amazing steel Like A Bike balance bikes. These not only super cool, but are extremely well made and since they are from steel, very light but tough.

Toys R Us offer steel and wooden balance bikes, from Hudora and Kettler.

John Lewis offer the magnificent Hudora steel balance bikes. There are few other balance bikes that offer better value for money (well, maybe the Bike Star...).

GLTC offer the coolest wooden balance bike around, the amazing Early Rider, which can also be found at Amazon and Evans.

AW Cycles are another serious cycle retailer, and offer the Ridgeback balance bikes.

eBay of course offer all sorts of balance bikes, both new and used. There are some serious and reliable bike retailers selling through eBay, but always check the seller's reputation before purchasing.

Most popular Balance Bikes available in UK: